Art In America

Critical Eye: Mimi Gross in Her World

In a vast trove of drawings, New York artist Mimi Gross has reflected over the past forty years on her immersion—as a painter, set-and-costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker—in bohemian milieus both here and abroad.

Comics in America: A Panel at Frieze Art Fair

At the 2016 Frieze Art Fair in New York, Nadel and Worth joined A.i.A. editor Julia Wolkoff in a conversation about the intriguing complexity of comics, a format where virtuosic draftsmanship can be fostered under deadline pressure, and expressions of...

Punk and Hippie

The Paper Radio duo of Benjamin Jones and Christopher Forgues, with their DIY aesthetic and countercultural convictions—sometimes aggressive, sometimes mellow—helped transform alternative comics in the first years of the twenty-first...

Genius in a Box

A midcentury creative dynamo, first at Marvel Comics and then at DC Comics, Jack Kirby brought to life a host of fantastic characters—Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, the Avengers—that have now become global icons.

Karl Wirsum

The nine gridded faces in Karl Wirsum’s human-scale, black-and-red acrylic drawing Marcel Dude Champ(ca. 1979) bear a strong resemblance to one another, but close inspection reveals nine unique pairs of eyes and ears, nine unique noses and hairstyles...

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