Art In America

Up Close: Buildings Seeking Art

Real estate developer John Portman's model of integrating art into self-contained architectural spaces affects even edgy galleries and funky nonprofits in Atlanta, where artists are often invited to spearhead gentrification.  

Theory and Matter

In the early 1970s, the French group Supports/Surfaces produced some of the era's most radical art in a seemingly unlikely medium. Today, their unstretched, semi-sculptural paintings speak to a whole new generation.

Brand Minimalism

The organizer of a quietly daring Chicago exhibition recalls how, decades ago, he suggested an analogy between commercial design and the era's most formally rigorous art.

Photo Dealer Bonni Benrubi Has Died

The Bronx-born Benrubi started out at Blum Helman gallery, later working for 10 years for Daniel Wolf. She then became a private dealer before opening her own gallery in 1987 on East 76th Street, moving to the Fuller Building, on 57th Street, in...

Center Stage in Toronto

A bewildered Tony Conrad sticks his tongue out and gives two thumbs up. Then suddenly, the avant-garde composer and filmmaker is scowling, and has decided that the ungainly woman perched on his lap is initiating a stupid, poisonous project....

An Arctic Lecture: Detroit Deconstruction

Detroit's empty blocks have been well documented over the past 30 years, and with few exceptions focus on the spectacularly negative moments, unforgettably among them the annual Devil's Night arsons in the late part of the last century. The story...

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