Art In America

Opus Posthumous

Irreverent to the end, Franz West was instrumental in conceiving a major retrospective that opened after his death.

Roving Eye: Everyone's Favorite Question

I've faced a lot of questions about art in my career, but none has persisted so relentlessly as the money question. At every institution, from every kind of audience, be it in the northeastern, mid-Atlantic or midwestern states, someone always...

Roving Eye: Minneapolis

Among my many surprises upon moving to Minneapolis in 2008 (besides the weather, which defeats explanation) was the city's welcoming atmosphere for young artists. While Minneapolis is known far and wide for its robust institutions—from the Guthrie...

Roving Eye: Report from Berkeley's Making Time Conference

Traveling with a curious, "roving" temperament is part of the fun of being a curator in the contemporary field, where wanderlust is gratified by a continuous onslaught of art fairs, biennials, international expos and "big moment" conferences and...

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