Art In America

Otto Piene

While works by German-born Otto Piene (1928–2014), a pioneer of process art, have been on view lately in gallery and museum shows devoted to the Zero group, the short-lived avant-garde movement he cofounded in Germany in the late 1950s, Sperone...

Lari Pittman

With the intensity and drive of a visionary, Los Angeles painter Lari Pittman has been honing a forceful and idiosyncratic approach to picture-making for more than three decades. His quasi-abstract imagery often harbors acerbic commentary addressing...

Enrico Baj

Italian artist Enrico Baj (pronounced buy) made his New York debut in 1960, when Marcel Duchamp and André Breton included his work in "Surrealist Intrusion in the Enchanter's Domain," a group exhibition at D'Arcy Galleries.

Max Ernst

A Dada pioneer and one of the most influential Surrealist painters, Max Ernst was not well recognized as a sculptor until late in his career, in the 1960s. Ernst (1891-1976) contributed to 20th-century painting a formidable array of technical...

Gianni Piacentino

This recent mini survey of Italian artist Gianni Piacentino (b. 1945), a rather renegade member of the original Arte Povera group, featured nine major works spanning nearly five decades, from 1965 to 2013. The show was a pared-down version of a 2013...

Josiah McElheny

Josiah McElheny has never been content with his widely acknowledged status as a master craftsman in the medium of glass. His approach has been consistently that of an experimental sculptor and installation artist. In “Josiah McElheny: Paintings,” he...

Martin Wong’s Legacy on View in the Bronx

A sprawling and dazzling survey of paintings by Martin Wong opened yesterday at the Bronx Museum. The first—and long overdue—retrospective of the artist's work since his untimely death from AIDS-related causes in 1999, at age 53, the show features...

Jack Pierson

A basic appreciation of abstract painting might begin with allowing oneself to be seduced by the formal elements of composition—color, shape, line and texture. To be actually moved by such work, emotionally pulled in, one has to be accepting of—if not...

Mary Weatherford

A selection of eight sprawling paint-and-neon-light canvases by Mary Weatherford was an inspired choice for inaugurating this Lower East Side gallery’s cavernous new satellite space in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Matthew Barney in La La Land

The subject of a major museum exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as a gallery show of new works at Regen Projects, New York-based artist Matthew Barney is a formidable presence in southern California at the moment.

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

Iranian artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, better known simply as Monir, has long believed in the transcendental possibilities of mirrors.

Primordial Drama: Pierre Huyghe’s Rooftop Excavation at the Met

Pierre Huyghe frequently incorporates living things like plants and insects into his sculptures and installations. His latest work, at the Metropolitan Museum, recalls at once a natural history museum display, an archeological excavation and an...

John Zurier

For this engaging show, “West of the Future,” Zurier presented 14 works on linen, created with oil, distemper or both over the past two years.

MoMA Preps Picasso Sculpture Extravaganza

With the aim of attracting a big audience, no doubt to compete with the hoopla surrounding the debut of the Whitney Museum's new building downtown, the Museum of Modern Art has announced a major Picasso sculpture show to open this fall.

Women Rule at the ADAA Fair

The Art Show has worked hard to retain its identity as the classiest of the big New York fairs, offering a balance of blue-chip works with historical resonance and edgier contemporary pieces showcased in carefully curated booths. This year's...

Dave Hardy

At first, "The Hairy Hand," a show of recent sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Dave Hardy, appeared to be a single, site-specific installation consisting of glass panels, foam and other materials strewn about and piled up on a gray floor. 

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