Art In America

Kahlil Robert Irving

Thematically poignant and technically dazzling, the eleven sculptures shown in Kahlil Robert Irving's first New York solo exhibition, "Streets: Chains: Cocktails," appear to be blocky assemblages of urban detritus-lyrical junk sculptures that bring to...

Polly Apfelbaum

Apfelbaum proposed a new kind of gathering, echoing the one documented in the book but with a stronger, more knowing, and more playful feminist agenda.  

Becky Suss

Becky Suss convincingly articulates intimate details of clothing and decor, yet a sense of artifice prevails in the works.

Sascha Braunig

Sascha Braunig’s modestly scaled oil paintings of humanoid presences upstaged many of the high-tech pieces in “Surround Audience,” the 2015 triennial at the New Museum in New York.

Sandro Chia

For his first exhibition of paintings in New York in nearly a decade, Italian artist Sandro Chia offered a rather overt reflection on his life, albeit one delivered in the painterly and metaphorical terms for which he is known. 

Anthony Caro

English artist Anthony Caro left an enormous legacy when he died in 2013 at age eighty-nine. He was celebrated for his sculpture in Britain by the late 1950s, and internationally beginning in the early ’60s.

Tal R

Tal R’s work fits into a subgenre of contemporary painting that could be defined by its stylized figuration featuring saturated or high-key color and conceptually adroit subject matter laden with autobiographical references and surreal imagery.

Tony Feher

Tony Feher, who died of cancer last June at age sixty, was a master of an uplifting type of abject sculpture and installation employing mundane found objects and industrial materials.

Zao Wou-Ki

Chinese-born painter Zao Wou-Ki (1920–2013) had a long and successful career. But his story presents a classic example of an artist who established an international reputation early on but over time came to be taken for granted, if not nearly...

Walter Robinson

On one level, Walter Robinson’s paintings of glamorous models, sexy couples based on 1950s pulp-fiction covers, adorable kittens, fast food items, and other media subjects are part of a long Pop art tradition that began in the mid-1960s.

Ronald Lockett

The assemblage paintings and sculptural objects of Ronald Lockett (1965–1998) often depict animals or figures, constructed of found tin and wood, nails, paint, and sealing compound. With titles like Civil Rights MarchersHiroshimaVerge of...

A.R. Penck

German artist A.R. Penck’s paintings from the late 1960s and ’70s, which display stick figures and rudimentary markings, are today widely regarded as emblems of postwar existential angst and Cold War discontent. 

Asger Jorn

The best-known works by Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914–1973) are eccentric, quasi-abstract paintings featuring wildly distorted faces, figures, and animals executed with feverish brushwork in acid colors. A founding member of the short-lived but...

Fausto Melotti

This museum-quality overview of works by Italian artist Fausto Melotti (1901–1986) contained thirty-eight major sculptures, installations, and drawings, representing most phases of the artist’s long career. Organized by former Hammer Museum chief...

A Dialogue with Nature: Dennis Oppenheim at Storm King

“Dennis Oppenheim: Terrestrial Studio,” this summer’s major exhibition at Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, New York, focuses solely on the artist’s unique engagement with the land. While not a full-scale retrospective, it examines how his...

A Tribute to Tunga (1952-2016)

Inspired by Hellenistic poetry and medieval alchemy, Brazilian artist Tunga created sculptures, installations, and performances over the past three decades that made him one of Brazil’s best known and most influential artists. He had been ill for the...

Otto Piene

While works by German-born Otto Piene (1928–2014), a pioneer of process art, have been on view lately in gallery and museum shows devoted to the Zero group, the short-lived avant-garde movement he cofounded in Germany in the late 1950s, Sperone...

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