Art In America


Meticulously curated by Claire Barliant, "As We Were Saying: Art and Identity in the Age of ‘Post'" dealt with the legacy of identity-based practices within a cultural climate defined by the encroachment of "a new blandness."

“Here and Elsewhere”

This summer the New Museum staged the most ambitious U.S. exhibition to date of contemporary art from the Arab world.

“Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties”

This moving and inquisitive exhibition, coorganized by Brooklyn Museum curator Teresa A. Carbone and art historian Kellie Jones as part of the museum's "Activism Season" (which runs through Aug. 24), takes the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights...

Matias Faldbakken

In a quote from the press release to this solo show, his first at Paula Cooper, Norwegian-born artist/writer Matias Faldbakken speaks of "try[ing] to suck the air out of the room" with his artworks.

Moving Pictures at Art Basel Miami Beach

Unlike previous years, video was surprisingly well represented this year at Art Basel Miami Beach, which is otherwise focused on static objects for sale.

Sounding the Social

Musical forms from indie rock to sha'bi offer artists new opportunities for personal expression and critical engagement with popular culture.

Monsters on the Lawn: Thomas Houseago at Storm King

Thomas Houseago's hulking and menacing bronze and aluminum figures currently command the usually serene and bucolic setting of Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, N.Y. Organized by museum director and curator David R. Collens, "Thomas Houseago: As...

Nancy Spero

History repeats itself, particularly when it comes to the subjugation of women. This is one of the lessons to be taken from the work of Nancy Spero, whose artistic output from 1976 onward was dedicated to the representation of female subjects.

Francis Alys

Among the many small painted works appearing in Francis Alÿs's recent solo show was an untitled piece composed of six 5-by-7-inch oil paintings.

Richard Artschwager, 1923-2013

Artschwager is best known for sculptures that meld aspects of Minimalism and Pop, for example the nearly cubic Description of Table (1964), a Formica-on-plywood construction on which areas of white, faux wood grain and black combine to create the...

Dennis Adams

Malraux's Shoes (2012), the centerpiece of Dennis Adams's recent solo show, is a 42-minute video in which the artist dons not just the metaphoric footwear but the grandiosity of 20th-century Renaissance man André Malraux (1901-1976).

Unrest: Revolt Against Reason

This politically motivated exhibition took its subtitle from leftist philosopher Herbert Marcuse's assertions about the necessity of challenging not just the dominant sociopoliti­cal order, but, as curator Natalie Musteata puts it, "Reason itself."

Mark Flood

During the 1980s, Houston-based Mark Flood worked in relative obscurity, creating violent and frequently pornographic artworks which express an antipathy toward commercial culture that is perhaps best summed up by the name he gave his experimental...

Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski's latest solo show featured an artist who can't see where he's going, a newscaster who doesn't know what she's talking about, a group of critics who have been effectively silenced and a pissed-off viewer whose commentary has been...

Julika Rudelius

Recently on view in the project room at Leo Koenig, Julika Rudelius's Rites of Passage (2008) is a two-channel video installation about the fabrication of political persuasiveness.

Sharon Hayes

From the speeches and protest songs of the 1960s to the people's mic made famous by the Occupy movement, the human voice has been an instrument essential to social change in contemporary American political history.

Mark Tribe

If landscape painting has historically functioned, in the words of W.J.T. Mitchell, as "the ‘dreamwork' of imperialism," a medium through which aspirations toward geopolitical domination are revealed, then the exquisitely rendered locales of...

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