Art In America

Tomorrow, Today: Tara Downs and Tomorrow Gallery

From 2011 to 2013, Tomorrow Gallery was a vital young art space in Toronto. Founded by Tara Downs, Aleksander Hardashnakov and Hugh Scott-Douglas, Tomorrow became a notable hub for emerging artists from throughout Europe and North America.

Against Identification: Q+A With Nick Mauss

Artist Nick Mauss's current exhibition, "The Desire for the Possibility of New Images" at 303 Gallery [through Feb. 18], is a landscape littered with sheets of folded and cut aluminum, scattered across the floor and pinned to the walls like a...

Unzipped: Q + A with Laurie Weeks

Laurie Weeks's debut novel, Zipper Mouth (Feminist Press), chronicles drug- and alcohol-fueled navigations of staid temp agencies, filthy downtown apartments, and the everyday banks, bars and streets of 1990s New York. Through e-mails, letters, and...

Striving Toward Coherence: Q+A With Sam Lewitt

Sam Lewitt's recently-closed exhibition at Miguel Abreu in New York, "Total Immersion Environment," comprised three works, although only two were physically present in the gallery. The third, The Prosumer's Discretion (all works 2011), was a set of...

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