Art In America

The Public as Producer

At the Cooper Hewitt, a multipurpose handheld device called the Pen enables visitors to share in “design thinking” through instantaneous searches of the collection and experiments in high-tech drafting.

Fit for the Future: The 2016 Eyeo Festival

Eyeo is a three-day art and technology conference that has taken place annually in Minneapolis since 2011. With a roster of speakers from diverse backgrounds—art, coding, academia, the private sector, or a mix of the above—it’s fitting that the event...

Atlas Lima: Historic Renovation

The newly reopened Museo de Arte de Lima surveys the entire history of art-making in Peru, both indigenous and colonial—yet fails to escape the dominant Western model of global artistic development.

Atlas Lima: The Map and the Typography

An ubiquitous sans serif typeface, a national trademark and a music-related style of street art suggest that Peruvian populism is at times genuine and at times coopted for commercial or political purposes.

Sonia Almeida

In the 18th century, Isaac Newton posited that color is a scientific property of light, existing outside of the human body. 

Amy Sillman

In a zine reproduced in the appendix of the catalogue for "Amy Sillman: one lump or two," the artist has scrawled in shaky cursive the words of composer Arnold Schoenberg: "I have no objection at all to being lumped together with all the rest."

Roxana Perez-Mendez

Roxana Pérez-Méndez’s installation at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts began with sly theatricality: the gallery entrance was half-covered by a thick red drape swagged open to one side, very like the red curtain hoisted by Charles Willson...

From the Archives: Chambi of Cuzco

In this month’s issue of A.i.A., Desi Gonzalez reports on developments in Peruvian typography for our Atlas column. It’s the second entry in a three-part series, the first of which addressed museum culture in Lima. This article, originally published...

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