Art In America

Neo-Expressionism Not Remembered

In the early 1980s, Art in America hosted a debate on emerging Neo-Expressionist art. Now, after three contentious decades, history seems to have declared a winner. But don’t be too sure.

Venice Preview: Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman, the 67-year-old American artist who was selected early last year to be the U.S. artist-representative at the Biennale, has spent his entire career trying to bridge the gap between the received wisdom concerning Art and what an artist...

The Dualist: Francis Bacon

The late Francis Bacon, the subject of a retrospective now on view in Germany, was vehement in his disdain for abstraction and illustration. And yet, the author suggests, these techniques were integral to his presentation of violent imagery.

From the Archives: Dürer and the Lutheran Image

The best of Dürer's late portraits apotheosize a group of leading converts to the Reformation in Germany, all close to Luther himself as well as to the artist. In a radically simplified style, Dürer achieves a synthesis of likeness and intense...

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