Art In America

Winning the Race: Ken Price Drawings

The L.A. artist Ken Price, mostly known for his ceramic sculptures, is in the spotlight in New York, where a retrospective of his sculptures opened this week at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (through Sept. 22) and an incomparable group of works on...

Creativity and Commerce

The relationship between creativity and commerce has always been vexed—perhaps never more so than today.

Ken Price to Be Honored With Posthumous Retrospectives

Ken Price, maker of clay cups, mounds, eggs, specimens, curio shrines and a protean species of iridescent biomorphic concretions, an oeuvre that rivals that of Arp and Miro, died on Feb. 24. He was 77, and passed as dawn broke over the Sangre de...

Ken Price

The 12 new abstract sculptures that Ken Price recently installed at Matthew Marks’s 22nd Street space felt like an extended family, with three large-scale pieces in painted bronze composite displayed on low-lying platforms at the front of the...

Janine Antoni

Antoni talks about her current work, which includes a gargoyle adapted for "personal" use and a spiderweb recast as wearable dollhouse.

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