Art In America

Punk and Hippie

The Paper Radio duo of Benjamin Jones and Christopher Forgues, with their DIY aesthetic and countercultural convictions—sometimes aggressive, sometimes mellow—helped transform alternative comics in the first years of the twenty-first...

Author of Astonishment: Charlotte Moorman at the Block Museum

Is there any other artist whose body is as routinely conflated with her oeuvre as Charlotte Moorman? “Discover why Charlotte Moorman was called [. . .] the Topless Cellist” is the Barnumesque lure on a postcard advertising “A Feast of Astonishments:...

The Sight of Her

Charlotte Moorman, long known as the “Topless Cellist” of 1960s-’70s performance art, is finally receiving critical and curatorial recognition for her accomplishments as a musician, performer, cultural organizer and avant-garde...

Total Service Artists

In an era of shrinking professional support, many artists are making self-sufficiency, self-evaluation and self-promotion integral parts of their artistic identity and their oeuvre. 

Reading Capital in Venice

Touring the Biennale, a fictional critic muses on the contradictions between the show's socially conscious theme and its wealth-and-fame realities.

12th Bienal Internacional de Cuenca

A voice from another world resounded through the Casa de los Arcos, a rambling structure perched above the Tomebamba River in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

Trailing Simon Castets Through NADA New York

Simon Castets, the French-born director and curator at New York's Swiss Institute (SI), arrived on this gray Friday morning at NADA New York wearing white Converse sneakers for comfort during his walkthrough of the art fair (May 9-11), along with an...

Brand Minimalism

The organizer of a quietly daring Chicago exhibition recalls how, decades ago, he suggested an analogy between commercial design and the era's most formally rigorous art.

Westerners and Easterners Alike Flock to Art Basel In Hong Kong

Art Basel in Hong Kong, formerly known as Art HK, is the place to go for East-meets-West-style work like Wu Di's Plaything (2013). The painting shows a monkey-headed human figure in Western Renaissance garb on the end of a leash held by a human-headed...

Daniel Buren

An early practitioner of what would come to be known as institutional critique, French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, now 75, has an unassailable place in art history.

Paul P

In Paul P.'s recent exhibition "Sherbert in Damascus," titled for a short story by Daniel Snow, the paintings seemed to have been not so much hung on the wall as purposefully enlisted in a subtly suggestive mise-en-scène. The 25 diminutive works...

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