Art In America

Exchange Program: The New Institute of Arab and Islamic Art

The works in the opening show at the new Institute of Arab and Islamic Art (IAIA), generically titled "Exhibition 1," and in most cases borrowed from the artists or their galleries, owe a debt to the very different approach to geometry in the Islamic...

From the Archives: Work in Progress

Because of prior commitments, Paris-based Chinese artist Chen Zhen is one of the first to complete his installation. Titled Prayer Wheel, it is surrounded by a crushed-paper temple which suggests nothing so much as a giant igloo. The exterior is...

Rainbow Brain: The Visual Poetry of Martin Wong

The revelatory retrospective of Martin Wong at the Bronx Museum focuses on his painting at the expense of his poetry. Language is all over his paintings, from graffiti to inscriptions to sentences spelled out by pudgy hands forming the letters of the...

Street Life

The Chinese-American artist Martin Wong (1945-1999) celebrated both his cultural heritage and New York's gritty Lower East Side in paintings rife with firemen, convicts, pop icons, graffitied walls and ASL hand signs.

Total Service Artists

In an era of shrinking professional support, many artists are making self-sufficiency, self-evaluation and self-promotion integral parts of their artistic identity and their oeuvre. 

Critics and Dreamers

In the world according to Dave Hickey, everyone is either a Pirate (a plundering, boundary-defying individualist) or a Farmer (a fence-building nurturer).

Creativity and Commerce

The relationship between creativity and commerce has always been vexed—perhaps never more so than today.

Sue Scott and Meulensteen Galleries Will Shutter

Two New York galleries—Sue Scott Gallery on the Lower East Side and Meulensteen Gallery in Chelsea—will close later this summer. Yesterday, Sue Scott Gallery at 1 Rivington Street announced that the current shows, "Eli Gabriel Halpern:  Do It...

Can Art Change Lives

It’s rare these days to find critics squaring off for a no-holds-barred match over matters of principle. So it was exhilarating to see Claire Bishop and Grant Kester butt heads in the spring of 2006 over the issue of participatory art.

Martha Wilson

“At 50,” George Orwell declared, “everyone has the face he deserves.” Plastic surgery and Botox notwithstanding, age leaves its imprint, a fact that continues to impact women in our culture more powerfully than men. In this hilarious and pointed...

David Wojnarowicz

This selection of works from 1979 to '90 by David Wojnarowicz, which included paintings, photographs, sculpture and video, was put together by P.P.O.W. co-owners Wendy Olsoff and Penny Pilkington, who were the artist's gallerists during his brief...

Ai Weiwei Still Detained, Rears Heads in NY

While Ai Weiwei continues to be held incommunicado by Chinese authorities, his Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads was inaugurated yesterday in the basin of the Pulitzer Fountain, situated in front of the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue in...

Luis Camnitzer

Though there are hints in this exhibition of the darker issues that have frequently populated Luis Camnitzer’s work—among them torture, colonialism and abuse of power—this show presents a surprisingly lighthearted take on this underappreciated...

Leslie Thornton

On the surface, the works in this exhibition appeared to be a celebration of technology. The heart of the show involved the digital transformations of short clips of wildlife footage into kaleidoscopic patterns. However, it was hard not to apply a...

Stephen G Rhodes

The press release for this exhibition consists of an annotated excerpt from a text by 18th-century philosopher Immanuel Kant. Deliberately translated poorly by the artist, the text is almost nonsensical, recalling those literal Google translations....

Stuart Hawkins

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. This dour cliché, recited in mellifluous tones by the narrator of Stuart Hawkins's droll video Broken Welcome (2011), has become the mantra of our recent world-wide economic debacle.

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