Art In America

Rearranging with Isaac Julien

No sooner had the British filmmaker and installation artist Isaac Julien entered New York's Museum of Modern Art one morning last week than he was single-handedly heaving a hulking ottoman across the atrium floor.

Super Sports Fan: An Interview with Jonas Wood

It might not have gotten him to Carnegie Hall, but practice has landed the Los Angeles-based artist Jonas Wood two concurrent solo exhibitions in New York. In his new works at both shows, Wood explores a variety of old and new motifs.

Venice Biennale First-Timers: Ivory Coast

At the time of the last Venice Biennale in summer 2011, Ivory Coast  had just ended a bloody civil war, its second in under a decade. This year, it will organize the first West African pavilion in the Arsenale.

Venice Biennale First-Timers: The Bahamas

This summer, the Bahamas will celebrate its 40th year as an independent commonwealth while also presenting its first pavilion in the Venice Biennale. Tavares Strachan, who was born in Nassau, Bahamas, and lives in New York, will represent his...

Venice Biennale First-Timers: The Vatican

The Venice Biennale has finally earned a stamp of approval from the Vatican, which will have a pavilion for the first time this year, in its 55th outing.

Artist Newsstand Offers Art (and Cigarettes) under 30 Dollars

As the New York art world begins one of its busiest months of the year, marked by the Frieze art fair and satellites Pulse, PooL and NADA along with major auctions, three young artists are offering the city a different kind of art market.

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