Art In America

Human Vision

Depicting scenes of everyday life in Israel, which includes the surreal reality of West Bank settlements and outposts, Rina Castelnuovo seeks out precious, precarious moments that are both undeniably sincere—a Palestinian girl from East Jerusalem...

The Art of the Crowd

At a recent panel discussion on the topic of how artists are engaging with social media in their work, William Powhida cited Twitter and blogs as influences in his illustration of insider-ism at the New Museum. He likened engaging with Tyler Green and...

Alex Prager's Girls on Film

Alex Prager's scene-stealing heroines have arrived in New York in Week-end, currently on display at Yancey Richardson Gallery. Like the two previous shows in this series (Polyester and The Big Valley), Week-end features large-format Technicolor...

The Rest of the Fests: Pulse and Scope

The sheer square footage of Pulse's fourth New York show belies any sense of anxiety over the economy. Downtown, on Pier 40 at the western terminus of Houston Street, the venue comfortably houses more than 100 exhibitors and installations

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