Art In America

Judith Scott

Judith Scott (1943-2005) did not begin making art until her mid 40s, but over an 18-year period, from 1987 until her death, she worked on that art tirelessly. 

Lazy Susan’s Long Hangover

A welter of objects and multi-medium installations, Cosima von Bonin’s Vienna retrospective reveals the German artist’s career-long commitment to artistic community. 

Alex Hay

Before seeing the works on display at this recent Alex Hay show, one passed through an exhibition by Medardo Rosso.

Regina Bogat

For the second time in under a year, Zürcher mounted an exhibition by the 86-year-old artist Regina Bogat, who was a familiar enough figure in the New York art world from 1966 to '77, the years covered, but is little known today. 

“What Inspires Me is Feeling”: Jeff Koons

What inspires me is feeling. I'm talking about a sense of excitement, of awe and wonder. As a child, you have a kind of openness. As you grow, that openness turns to sexual excitement, toward an expansion of parameters and territory, possibilities...

Kelley Walker

Kelley Walker is no stranger to the perversities of advertising. One of his earlier subjects was the notorious 1995 Benetton ad that hawked its goods via a reproduction of an airline crash, another a 1974 Pioneer stereo ad featuring the master ad...

Forces of Nature: Zilvinas Kempinas

"Scarecrow is equally about light and sound," the artist told A.i.A., referring to the continuous "music" that emanates from a vibrating canopy.

Wayne Herpich

A recent exhibition at Blackston on the Lower East Side offered one of those rare opportunities to see accomplished work by an older artist you've never heard of, yet who is not an "outsider" in the classic sense of the word. 

Gauguin Revealed at MoMA

"The reason I wanted to do this show," says Starr Figura, curator of "Gauguin: Metamorphoses," at New York's Museum of Modern Art, "was to tell a story that had not been told by MoMA, or anyone, really. Gauguin's prints mark a turning point in the...

Michael St. John

During the past five years or so, Michael St. John, something of a veteran on the New York scene, has been presenting small shows in which a mixture of objects—paintings, constructions and altered found objects—aggregate into a witty take on the...

Nicole Cherubini

For years, Nicole Cherubini has been blurring the boundaries between craft and fine art, decor and sculpture, and expanding those of her main medium, clay.

The Women

I have no "muse" in a singular sense.

Ben Lifson, 1941-2013

Benjamin M. (Ben) Lifson, critic, curator and photographer, died July 3 in Pittsburgh. He was 72. From 1977 to 1982, Lifson was the photography critic at New York's Village Voice, a position in which he disseminated his sharp, eloquent opinions at a...

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