Art In America

Gianfranco Baruchello

Featuring cryptic handwritten text components and multitudes of miniature figures linked to one another by arrows and lines, Italian artist Gianfranco Baruchello's paintings seem to map the fragmented, chaotic process of thinking. Baruchello's first...

Trajal Harrell

Harrell not only calls into question the barrier between dancer and spectator. He also complicates the "nowness" associated with live dance, or the focus on the present tense of the gestures and movements being carried out before an audience.  

Geta Brătescu

The artist treated her studio as an autonomous zone outside any political influence and as a space of refuge.

“All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”

A quiet, placid atmosphere filled the rooms of the group show “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.” The sculptures, installations, and video projections on view evoked a present tense where technology has imbued every aspect of human life,...

Candice Lin

A DIY apparatus composed of pumps, glass jars, porcelain filters, plastic tubes, a copper still, and sundry other items was installed in the first room of Candice Lin’s solo show at Gasworks. An intense, unpleasant smell filled the air. 

Massimo Bartolini

“I like the name Golden Square,” the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini writes of the Soho, London, square on which Frith Street Gallery’s main venue is located. “It makes me think of an enchanted place as well as of Malevich straying from the black.”...

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno’s survey exhibition at HangarBicocca suggested an imaginary city. Urban elements—a downtown road skirted by flashing signs, a skyline of skyscrapers, a quiet neighborhood illuminated by moonlight—were conjured throughout the former...

Rachel Rose

For her solo show “Palisades,” New York-based Rachel Rose, who is currently exhibiting a video installation at the Whitney Museum, turned the Serpentine Sackler Gallery into an immersive environment dominated by constant visual and auditory...

Oliver Osborne

The orderly series of paintings displayed in Berlin-based Scottish artist Oliver Osborne’s exhibition “The Neck” enhanced the cold, sterile feel of Giò Marconi gallery. Illuminated by a few rows of neon lights, partially reflected on the gray floor,...

Ull Hohn and Tom Burr

Painting is nothing but the discourse around painting—this is what one could conclude after seeing Ull Hohn’s exhibition at Peep-Hole. “Painting, painting,” Hohn’s first show in Italy, surveyed the work of an artist who died of AIDS-related illnesses...

Jorinde Voigt

Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt (b. 1977) once told an interviewer that her work is like music and that “you can enjoy it without being able to read the score.” Given this characterization, it’s not surprising that Voigt, who has played the cello...

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd

For her second solo exhibition at Massimo De Carlo, Chetwynd created a typically colorful and exuberant atmosphere. 

Victor Burgin

The atmosphere at Lia Rumma gallery during British artist Victor Burgin's recent solo exhibition was clean, cerebral and spare, seeming to emanate the temperament of the artist-theorist. 

David Ostrowski

German artist David Ostrowski paints quickly and instinctually. 

Antoine Catala

You will find yourself laughing, uncomfortably to be sure, at the video in Antoine Catala's show "New Feelings." It's based on video footage of an 11-year-old boy whom Catala asked to mimic various emotions. In the video, his digital avatar's facial...

Antoine Catala

Antoine Catala's solo show at Peep-Hole, titled "Heavy Words," had a playful space-age feel, offering a holographic E.T., inflatable screens and flying drones.

David Lamelas

A potted maple tree, encircled by 20 white marble slabs forming a dashed line on the floor, occupied the center of Lia Rumma gallery's ground floor.

Micol Assaël

For Micol Assaël's exhibition, the vast rectangular space of HangarBicocca's Shed looks bare and inhospitable. 

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