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Keeping Up with Fionn Meade at the Independent

Shortly after the noon preview opening of New York's Independent art fair on Thursday, A.i.A. met writer and curator Fionn Meade on the fourth floor of the iconic former Dia Art Foundation building in Chelsea for a walkthrough of the fair.

Ruba Katrib Named Curator at Sculpture Center

Ruba Katrib has been hired as curator of New York's SculptureCenter, effective Feb. 15. For the past four years she has been with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami, first as assistant and then associate curator. There she worked...

Currents in Sculpture Circa 2011

Art in America's critics write their way through the best of 2011. We've asked leaders in the fine arts to highlight the top works in their areas of special focus. Fionn Meade is a curator and writer based in New York. He is a faculty member at the...

New York Gallery Week Is Upon Us

First it was Berlin; then Detroit joined in. Now, for the second year in a row, New York kicks off its own Gallery Week. NYGW features nearly 60 commercial galleries and non-profits. In an effort to bring greater public awareness to art spaces...

Mark Morrisroe

Mark Morrisroe died young, in 1989, but he left behind 2,000 photographs that uniquely chronicle a milieu of cutting-edge artists and rough-trade hustlers.

A History of Coincidences

A historical narrative is only as compelling, and as credible, as its author. But when the credibility and accuracy of a given history take a backseat to playful but solipsistic self-interest, a new and intriguing form of fact-based, self-critical...

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