Art In America

Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight, originally from Houston and lately based in New York, is best known for her charged performance works.


It risks oversimplification to read the recent group show “Encoded” as a rejoinder to the racially charged controversy around Kelley Walker’s fall retrospective at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis—but it is also nearly impossible not...

Eric Wesley

Fifteen minutes from St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, just across the Mississippi River in Cahokia, Illinois, the Los Angeles artist Eric Wesley has been tinkering in the shell of a former Taco Bell.

Suburban Futurism

Arguing that urban sprawl is the dominant growth paradigm of the present and future, the author advocates a close examination of dynamic, amorphous metroplexes like Phoenix and Dubai.

“Megacities Asia”

The broad title of the MFA’s spring headliner belies the exhibition’s narrow focus. Far from a sweeping survey of art from and about Asia’s vast urban agglomerations, the show features work by just under a dozen artists, all in a single genre:...

Tala Madani

Painter Tala Madani’s show in St. Louis provided a concise primer on her work, featuring her hallmark subject: men, nude or almost so, perhaps Middle Eastern and probably middle-aged, in situations both abject and humorous.

“To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare”

The latest in a series of exhibitions at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum to explore themes of war and trauma, “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare” is compelling and unexpectedly beautiful. Featuring a small selection of...

Olivier Mosset

Launched last September by artists Amy Granat and Annina Herzer, Parapet/Real Humans occupies a windowless, appointment-only exhibition space on St. Louis's residential south side. It has already built a reputation for single-artist shows featuring...

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