Art In America

The Hole Truth

During the 1970s, Howardena Pindell developed a unique method for creating a textured, memory-laden painting surface.    

Linda Mary Montano

This exhibition, "Linda Mary Montano: Always Creative," revisited the artist's performance-based practice from 1969 to the present. 

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Landscapes of an American Modernist" was the fourth exhibition in the Living Artists of Distinction Series at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, honoring those making an important contribution to American modernism. The previous...

Harmony Hammond

It’s been said “there are no secrets except the secrets that keep themselves.” Among the many observations that one could float about Harmony Hammond’s recent paintings is that they convey the feeling of such secrets. One came away from this...

Julian Schnabel

An outsize personality and a runaway commercial success, Schnabel has long been relatively slighted by art critics. Will a recent museum show - and a fresh look at his paintings - finally change hearts and minds? 

Susan York

Santa Fe-based artist Susan York represents a new generation of minimalist sculptors. While her formal vocabulary of columns, beams and slabs is heavily indebted to such artists as Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, John McCracken,...

Ruth Duckworth

Ruth Duckworth’s sculpture has never received the recognition it deserves. When Duckworth (1919-2009), considered a pioneer in the field of ceramics, came into her own as an artist in the ’50s, sculpture was largely male territory, and clay, her...

Kate Carr

In her recent works, Kate Carr stacks same-sized pieces of fabric or plywood—common utilitarian materials—so only their edges are visible. The resulting sculptures appear to be stacked lines, one of the factors informing the exhibition’s title,...

Shine Shivan

“Sperm Weaver” was a promising first solo show for the 27-year-old Indian artist Shine Shivan. Five clusters of provocative works made in 2009, all of which toy with traditional notions of masculine identity, filled the cavernous warehouse space....

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