Art In America

Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl's new cycle of paintings depicting contemporary art fairs may seem a giddy leap from the subdued suburban eroticism of his seminal works.  

Ed Atkins

"A particularly complex and horrible film" is how Ed Atkins has described Ribbons (2014), the centerpiece of his recent exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries. Distributed between three screens stationed around the galleries—which were dimmed and...

Ged Quinn

Ged Quinn's latest pictures at Stephen Friedman Gallery stacked up a kind of bonfire of the painterly vanities. On view were several of the luscious and swarming scenes that have become his hallmark.

Tala Madani

A British series of educational books published in the 1960s and colloquially known as Peter and Jane (its proper title was Key Words Reading Scheme) was parodied to brilliant effect in artist/comedian Miriam Elia's recent book We Go to the...

Jaki Irvine

The power of music to inflect mood is the underlying subject of Jaki Irvine's video Se compra: Sin é (2014), in which the artist conflates the musical traditions of her native Ireland with the sights and sounds of Mexico City, where she now spends...

Oscar Murillo

The rise of Oscar Murillo has been so meteoric that it is hard to approach his work in isolation from the hype now surrounding the 27-year-old artist

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