Art In America

A Grotesque Palace Rises in Pittsburgh

The Hamburg-based photographer Thorsten Brinkmann has transformed a disused residence into an artist-designed funhouse featuring a labyrinth of hidden rooms. It's Kurt Schwitters's Merzbau meets Gregor Schneider's totes haus, a habitat furnished...

Strong Sophomore Outing for Expo Chicago

"I'll tell you what distinguishes this year from last year," Expo Chicago director Tony Karman told A.i.A. at the fair's sophomore outing on Saturday, "and I'll tell you in one word—sales. It was very important that big dealers like David Zwirner ...

Bigger and Better: The 2013 Texas Biennial

Nobody walks anywhere in Houston. But the urban sprawl, traffic jams and punishing sunshine lent an opportune context for a Christie Blizard walking/painting performance on Saturday that was part of the current Texas Biennial (through Nov. 9).

By Appointment Only: Viewing Art Privately in Chicago

It was a simple e-mail miscommunication that landed me in MichelleGrabner's backyard on a Thursday afternoon instead of Saturday, tuggingon a locked doorknob. Grabner, an artist, painting professor and 2014Whitney Biennial co-curator, operates the...

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