Art In America

The Drug of Abstraction: An Interview with Beverly Fishman

Beverly Fishman creates powerful abstract paintings that address technology and the pharmaceutical industry. Fishman lives and works in Detroit, where she teaches painting at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She spent a sabbatical in New York last year,...

Painting’s Full Arsenal: An Interview with Keltie Ferris

Keltie Ferris creates marks—smeared, sprayed and hand-painted—that solidify or dissolve into abstractions with a sense of perceptual depth that allows for multi-dimensional readings. The 38-year-old artist returns to Chelsea gallery Mitchell-Innes...

Yevgeniya S. Baras

Yevgeniya S. Baras is a contemporary painter and cofounder of Regina Rex Gallery and Bull and Ram Gallery, both in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Seven Picks from New Delhi's UAF

Works were hung on makeshift walls without captions, with relative unknowns appearing alongside recognized Indian masters like F.N. Souza, Paramjit Singh, Paritosh Sen and Bhupen Khakhar. This non-hierarchical approach was an effort on the part of...

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