Art In America

Germaine Krull

In 1928, Germaine Krull published Métal, a seminal work in New Vision photography and in the history of the photo book. Comprising 64 photographs that emphasize the geometry of cranes, silos, blast furnaces and industrial structures like the Eiffel...

Zanele Muholi

South Africa was the first contry to abolish discrimination based on sexual orientation in its constitution. In "Isbonelo/Evidence" Zanele Muholi collaborates with fellow South African lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people through...

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas has created a body of work over the last decade that attempts to unravel issues like identity and race in popular culture. Until now, he has looked most closely at representations of African-American men. 

Vivian Maier

It can be difficult to disentangle Vivian Maier’s photographs from the Vivian Maier story.

Justine Kurland

American photographers have had a long romance with the road. Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Stephen Shore, to name a few, have spent extended periods of time in their cars, roving the country with their cameras, and Justine Kurland has followed...

Jim Campbell

"Dreaming in public" is how the sci-fi writer William Gibson has described what he does, but it's also a fitting characterization of what Jim Campbell is doing in his latest installations.

Thomas Barrow

Anyone looking for a counterpoint to the seamless photography currently dominating the digital field need look no further than the work of Thomas Barrow.

Naomi Leshem

Israeli photographer Naomi Leshem’s first solo show in the U.S. consisted of two series of C-prints, both of which explore states of limbo. The first, “Sleepers” (2008-09), shows young people between the ages of 16 and 20, from Israel, Switzerland,...

Amir Zaki

The subjects of the 10 color Ultrachromes in Amir Zaki’s new series, “Relics,” are, at least nominally, lifeguard towers on beaches in Southern California. The pho­tographs—seven large prints (60 by 76 inches) and three smaller ones (20 by 26...

David Goldblatt

In a videotaped interview with David Goldblatt that is included in his current exhibition at the Jewish Museum, the South African photographer ponders how it is possible to be decent and normal in a world that is mad, even evil.

Ellen Driscoll and Fernando Souto

In “FastForwardFossil: Part 2,” Ellen Driscollturned from her earlier historical and political subjects to environmental concerns, specifically the unbridled consumption of oil and water. Cutting up plastic from 2,600 #2 water bottles (the #2...

Tim Davis

Tim Davis began the series of color C-prints he titled “The New Antiquity” in Rome, a city steeped in history and art, where what looks to be a pile of rocks might well turn out to be a temple site or ancient ruin. During his stay there on a Rome...

Florian Maier-Aichen

Florian Maier-Aichen brings a contemporary sensibility to bear on a range of historical references, from German Romantic painting to 19th-century photographs of the American West. The German-born photographer shoots images with a large-format camera...

Catherine Opie

With subjects ranging from ice fishing to body piercing, Catherine Opie is compiling a distinctive record of modern American life.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

In this affecting exhibition of black-and-white photographs, LaToya Ruby Frazier combines portraiture and social documentary in a narrative that weaves together the socioeconomic ills plaguing her hometown of Braddock, Penn., and the failing health...

Roni Horn

Entering either the second or fourth floor of the Whitney to see “Roni Horn aka Roni Horn,” a retrospective co-organized with Tate Modern in London, viewers were greeted by one or another version of This is Me, This is You (1999-2000), two wall-size...

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