Art In America

Zlatko Ćosić

A refugee of the Yugoslav wars, Zlatko Ćosić reflects on his transcultural survival narrative in the seven video works that comprised "Still Adjusting," his recent solo exhibition at Gallery 210 at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

B Wurtz

B. Wurtz, who has created found-object assemblages for the past four decades, has recently received much praise as an under-recognized master, and this exhibition further justified the accolades.

Chelsea Knight

In a 2011 interview, New York-based artist Chelsea Knight asserted, “Relationships of power are at the core of every social interaction.

Balazs Kicsiny

Balázs Kicsiny's installation "Killing Time" (2012) seems plucked from a lost Peter Greenaway film-some arch pantomime of pleasure courting death in a halted interstice of time. One enters a single, immersive installation, not unlike a movie set,...

David Noonan

The first solo American museum exhibition devoted to Australian artist David Noonan, this taut survey collects three bodies of untitled work dating from 2006 to the present: a group of figurative sculptures; a series of small, paper-on-linen...

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