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Libby Black

Bay Area artist Libby Black’s signature sculptures re-create commodities, frequently luxury goods, using materials like paper, hot glue, and acrylic paint. She places these to-scale renderings of books, magazines, handbags, and shoes in still-life...

Best of Chicago, 2015

Jessica Stockholder is a Chicago-based artist and chair of the art department at the University of Chicago. She recently spoke with A.i.A. about the best institutional exhibitions in the Windy City in 2015.

Jessica Stockholder

With exuberant, quirky and often kitschy creations, Jessica Stockholder has put a significant stamp on the medium of installation art. The Seattle native moved to Chicago in 2011 to serve as chair of the University of Chicago’s department of visual...

Memphis Group

Faces break into smiles encountering the far-out furniture of the Memphis Group, the Italian design collective officially active between 1981 and 1986. 

Judy Pfaff

Navigating Judy Pfaff’s exhibitions is like moving through jungle chaos. Multisized assemblages converge into installations that sometimes consume entire rooms.

Genzken’s Anarchic Objects

Through surprising shifts in scale, Isa Genzken conflates buildings with bodies and consumer culture with war.

Feng Shui Curating at P!

On a recent morning at the gallery called P!, on New York's Lower East Side, New York-based feng shui master Ye Lei Ming was putting the final touches on an unusual curatorial experiment. Ye was studying a photograph of Mel Bochner in hopes of...

Roving Eye: Dan Cameron's Week in Review

Sometimes art is most meaningful when you least expect. If you'd told me a month ago that the most engaging encounters I would soon have with art would be connected to institutions of higher learning, I might have just rolled my eyes.Yet a few days...

David Ebony's Top 10 Picks from the Art Show

Each year, members of the prestigious Art Dealers Association of America come to New York to put on a show, the Art Show, to be exact. The 2011 Art Show (March 2–6) at the Park Avenue Armory, its 23rd installment, features more than 70 galleries. The...

The Jewel Thief

Artworks are hung salon-style to dizzying heights, or piled one on top of another. Boundaries blur between architecture, furniture and art. Portions of walls are painted lime green or blazing orange, and the floor is partly covered with sharp-angled...

Robert Morris: The Order of Disorder

A reconstitution of Morris's landmark Untitled (Scatter Piece) of 1968–69 occasions a reflection on the picaresque story of the original.

Annie Lapin

Just after her debut exhibition at Angles Gallery in 2008, the young L.A. painter Annie Lapin was invited to mount an installation in a 42-by-22-foot gallery at the nonprofit Grand Arts in Kansas City. In Parallel Deliria (2008), she spilled her work...

Weekly Bulletin: September 17

In this week's bulletin, Alexandra Peers has flowers for Georgia O'Keeffe, introduces the first female president of the ADAA, and a more productive take on mob mentality in the art world.

Where in the World is Liza Lou?

The author caught up with Lou in South Africa, where Zulu craftspeople are helping her realize ambitious new beaded sculptures.

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