Art In America

Feminism, Live: Debate as Theater

What might feminism's present learn from feminism's past? This question is especially urgent after the terrifying first weeks of Trump's presidency. Some answers may be gleaned from The Town Hall Affair, the Wooster Group's new theatrical production...

The Body That Jill Built

Beginning as a dance columnist in the 1960s, Jill Johnston invented a hybrid brand of criticism—and a wildly energetic body of writing—melding analysis, sensory awareness, raw emotions, linguistic play and autobiography.

Jill Johnston in Art in America

Cultural critic, feminist theorist, memoirist and A.i.A. contributor Jill Johnston died on Nov. 18 at age 81. The feature "Tehching Hsieh: Art's Willing Captive" [September 2001, pp. 140–143] is one of many essays she wrote on a wide range of...

From the Archives: A Critic’s Same-Sex Wedding in Denmark

In celebration of last week's historic ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court granting Americans the right to same-sex marriage, we present an article by feminist critic Jill Johnston about her Fluxmarriage to her Danish partner Ingrid Nyeboe on June 26,...

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