Art In America

Diana Thater

In Diana Thater's survey "The Sympathetic Imagination," organized by the National Gallery's Lynne Cooke and LACMA's Christine Y. Kim and gathering work made between 1992 and the present, the artist floods many of her exhibition spaces with colored light.

Armory Show 2015 Exhibitor List Revealed

This year, the fair has attracted some respected exhibitors to sign on for the first time, including New York's Andrew Kreps and Metro Pictures and Los Angeles's Regen Projects, and hooked in up-and-coming dealers like New York's Rachel Uffner.

“Take It or Leave It”

Large-scale historical shows, when done in a certain way, can be intellectual steamrollers. 

NADA Miami Beach Announces 2013 Exhibitor List

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) has announced the participants in the 11th edition of NADA Miami Beach (Dec. 5-8). Among the 89 exhibitors in this year's fair, down from 102 in 2012, are galleries and projects from 28 cities across 14...

For the blind...

Confusion, and, more pointedly, the inability to understand an artwork using a given set of cognitive tools, is the subject of this travelling exhibition curated by Anthony Huberman. The titular quotation is attributed to Charles Darwin in reference...

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