Art In America

What Would Hegel Say?

A new book by Robert Pippin, a specialist in European philosophy at the University of Chicago, makes a strong case for the continued relevance of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel on questions concerning the philosophical significance...

The Artness of Art: Arthur Danto’s “What Art Is”

Don't call Arthur Danto an aesthetician, even if that word is preceded by the specification "America's foremost." As Danto explains in his latest book, What Art Is (Yale University Press), his explorations are best classified not as studies in...

What's New In Aesthetics?: Jacques Ranciere's 'Aisthesis'

Jacques Rancière's new book Aisthesis: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art (Verso, 2013) is arguably the most important work in the field of aesthetics since the publication of Theodor Adorno's Aesthetic Theory in 1970.

Peng Feng: Professional Professor, Amateur Curator

In the early 2000s, the Peking University professor Peng Feng began to transform his accomplished academic career by entering into what is, by Western standards, an exceptionally intense engagement with contemporary art. Today, having curated over 200...

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