Art In America

Residency Report: Zackary Drucker at the Headlands

Built by the US army in 1907, the remote and beautiful Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California, went from a soldiers' barracks that was active until the 1970s to an artists' residence in 1987. In this lovely, quiet environment,...

Making Noise: Mika Tajima on YouTube

New York artist Mika Tajima creates sculptures, installations, prints, and performances based on digital data that she collects. Her work often reflects the relationship between changing economic conditions and collective human emotions.

Tom Sachs

Inside the concrete Noguchi Museum, Tom Sachs has built a house and garden inspired by chanoyu, the Japanese ritual of preparing and serving tea. But his materials are unusual. The gates are made from Con Ed barriers and corrugated metal. The...

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