Art In America

A Letter to Stephen Shore

You look at a curb, a bag, a bed, a plate and cutlery, and, in time, they become what they've always been, or what they always might have been if anyone had looked before: a horizon, a vanishing point, a frame.

Annual Report 2014: GlblVlgIdiot

A collaborative project from A.i.A’s Nov. 2014 issue offers a status update on The Web, a visionary attempt at reuniting art and life developed by a guru/entrepreneur known as the Global Village Idiot.

Land Art for the Media Age

A current museum survey of Land art challenges the established definition of the 1960s and '70s movement. In March of 1962, Jean Tinguely arrived in Las Vegas to construct a massive auto-destructive sculpture. Study for an End of the World, No. 2,...

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