Art In America

Allen Jones

Organized by art historian Norman Rosenthal, this survey of Allen Jones’s work aimed to provide a historical view of the controversial artist’s oeuvre—going as far back as the mid-’60s, when he was living and working in the Chelsea Hotel. It was...

Burn Book: On Fire by Jonathan Griffin

Ross Simonini reviews Jonathan Griffin's recent publication On Fire. Fires are real, not just mythological, and this brief, frank document about fires in artists’ studios suggests not the slightest hint of transcendent meaning behind such disasters....

All Talked Out at Art Basel Miami Beach

There's exhaustion in the air only a couple days into the festivities, and I'm sick and tired of all the rain. Talking seems to be work, especially for the gallerists hovering around their booths. Fortunately, much of the art at the fair speaks for...

Erica Magrey

Brooklyn-based artist Erica Magrey played with notions of feminism and femininity in “She Unlimited,” her recent solo show at 106 Green Gallery, a one-room artist-run Greenpoint apartment space. Paintings, videos, 3-D-printed sculptures and...

Hannah Ryggen

This retrospective of 42 tapestries, many of which are mural-size and narrative, by Swedish-born Norwegian artist Hannah Ryggen (1898-1970) is revelatory, summarizing her ability to use the warm, tactile medium of weaving to create affecting critiques...

Ree Morton

Ree Morton’s survey “Be a Place, Place an Image, Imagine a Poem” (titled after lines the American artist jotted in a notebook) takes viewers through more than 100 drawings, paintings and installations she produced in a span of nine years. Morton...

Frieze London Exhibitor List Revealed

The largest stands (1,290 square feet) ring up at nearly $79,000, according to a U.S. gallery employee who shared the application information. The smallest Frieze booths (430 square feet) go for about $26,000.

Mungo Thomson

Mungo Thomson's latest project, which translates the often-ignored sound of crickets into music, touches upon a century of avant-garde art-making strategies. 

Waltercio Caldas

Evoking both substance and poetics, "The Nearest Air" was a fitting title for the first comprehensive survey of works by Waltercio Caldas (b. 1946, Rio de Janeiro).


The lead painting in this retrospective of artwork by Wols is startlingly alive.

Mark Leckey

In the first room of Mark Leckey's exhibition at the Hammer Museum hangs a small poster that could easily be overlooked in favor of the videos, scintillating grids, LED screens and cardboard sculptures that glow, flicker and sing for our attention.

NADA Miami Beach Announces 2013 Exhibitor List

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) has announced the participants in the 11th edition of NADA Miami Beach (Dec. 5-8). Among the 89 exhibitors in this year's fair, down from 102 in 2012, are galleries and projects from 28 cities across 14...

Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess's canvases quiver with colors, textures, shapes and symbols that are at once profoundly familiar and deeply mysterious.

Prints on the Rise

The top end of the print market is picking up, judging from the recent prints and multiples auctions in New York, at Phillips de Pury, Christie's and Sotheby's. New York dealer Susan Sheehan told A.iA., "Paintings and sculpture for big-name...

Marc Quinn

For his recent solo show in New York, Marc Quinn presented seven circular canvases (most measuring 781⁄2 inches in diameter, all 2009) that depict greatly enlarged images of human eyeballs. Well known for his figurative sculptures of Kate Moss and...

The Man Behind The Curtain

Founded in 2003, Mission 17 is a recent addition to San Francisco's large population of not-for-profit visual art spaces. Nevertheless it will close its doors this summer, a casualty of the economy. In the meantime, the organization's penultimate...

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