Art In America

“Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon”

The show derives its energy from the wide variety of ways in which the works form (or refuse to form) their own links—internally, with each other, and with viewers. In some cases, following these threads can lead you to the works’ political...

Bridges and Walls

"Build bridges, not walls." That was the mantra heard often at opening week events for Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.  

In the Studio: Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds

Veteran artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds relates his efforts to commemorate Indigenous history while also critiquing non-Native arrogance in acerbic visual and textual works.

Drones and Snakes

Native American activists and artists see incursions like the Dakota Access Pipeline as violations of their history and being.

The Repatriation of F$

Reared on the Continent before returning to her US homeland, Jewish socialite Florine Stettheimer used her flamboyant painting and set-design skills to explore the complexity of American identity in the interwar period.

Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight, originally from Houston and lately based in New York, is best known for her charged performance works.

Poems Without Words

With a 1975 series of stacked-line compositions, the painter David Reed began to garner recognition from critics and peers alike. Now those legendary works from his first solo exhibition are on view again, raising intriguing questions about cultural...

Michelle Grabner

The last time Michelle Grabner had an exhibition at James Cohan Gallery, shortly after she co-curated the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Ken Johnson panned it in the New York Times.

Leo Twiggs

This heartbreaking show consisted of Leo Twiggs’s “Requiem for Mother Emanuel”—a cycle of nine small paintings responding to one of the most horrific racially motivated hate crimes in the United States in decades. 

Feminism, Live: Debate as Theater

What might feminism's present learn from feminism's past? This question is especially urgent after the terrifying first weeks of Trump's presidency. Some answers may be gleaned from The Town Hall Affair, the Wooster Group's new theatrical production...

Critical Eye: Mimi Gross in Her World

In a vast trove of drawings, New York artist Mimi Gross has reflected over the past forty years on her immersion—as a painter, set-and-costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker—in bohemian milieus both here and abroad.

Clifford Owens

In his second solo exhibition at Invisible-Exports, “Hard & Fast,” Clifford Owens shared the stage with a host of contemporary artists, showcasing performances, paintings, and sculptures by others that he responded to in various ways.

Leslie Hewitt

On view in Leslie Hewitt’s recent exhibition at SculptureCenter, an untitled 2012 installation consists of white metal sheets that have been dog-eared or otherwise folded. The sheet-metal sculptures—some standing upright, some laid on the ground with...

Lee Kit

"Who sees me naked, and who spends time alone with me in the bathroom? Johnson & Johnson. Nivea.” This is how Lee Kit, Hong Kong’s representative at the 2013 Venice Biennale, discusses the personal hygiene product logos in the paintings that...

Election 2016: The Spin Zone

A.i.A. responds to the US presidential showdown with a satiric essay by artist and writer Walter Robinson and political cartoons by seven art-world stalwarts: Ida Applebroog, Rashid Johnson, Peter Saul, Jim Shaw, Nayland Blake, and Antoni Muntadas and...

Forms of Address: Ray Johnson’s Bob Boxes

For legendary mail and collage artist Ray Johnson (1927–1995), any ephemera of everyday material culture he encountered could potentially be art—including the bottle caps, abandoned toys, tennis balls, fragments of fractured ceramics, stickers,...

Jessi Reaves

For this debut solo exhibition, Oregon-born, New York–based artist Jessi Reaves demonstrated her omnivorous approach to making sculptural furniture, offering viewers an assortment of pieces that incorporate materials ranging from plywood to car parts...

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