Art In America

Yuki Kimura

Questions about how humans conceive of time underpinned Japanese artist Yuki Kimura’s CCA Wattis exhibition, her first solo show in the United States.

Up Close 2016: Around Atlanta

In 2016 we launched the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation/Art in America Arts Writing Fellowships, a joint project designed to foster art and culture writing in cities throughout the US. For our December issue, fellowship recipient Victoria Camblin wrote...

Causes and Effects: Decolonize This Place at Artists Space

This fall, MTL+ has transformed Artists Space Books & Talk into a vehicle for putting their strategy into practice within the context of larger movements. The residency’s title, Decolonize This Place, comes from a demonstration of the same name that...

Lines of Thought

Examining Agnes Martin's traveling retrospective, her recent biographer considers how the formal and spiritual universals the painter sought arose out of the personal conditions she suppressed.

First Look: Cameron Rowland

Cameron Rowland’s works are bleak statements on the persistent racism and structural inequality in the United States. In his hands, office furniture, cleaning supplies and innocuous-looking stacks of paperwork become disturbing metonyms of a system...

Benoît Maire

In “Sticker Beings,” the first U.S. solo exhibition of Paris-based artist Benoît Maire (b. 1978), things seesawed between order and chaos. 

Daniel Baumann Appointed Director, Kunsthalle Zurich

Kunsthalle Zurich has hired Swiss curator Daniel Baumann as director. Baumann has been the curator of the Adolf Wölfli Foundation, located at the Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Switzerland, since 1996.

2013 Carnegie International

In 1896, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie inaugurated the Carnegie International exhibition as part of his philanthropic crusade to bring culture to the masses.

Etel Adnan

Etel Adnan's texts and pictures are about the metaphysical realms that neither language nor image can fully describe.

Paris Photo Comes to Los Angeles

The Californian spring fair aims to provide a counterpoint to the saturated calendar of fairs in New York and Miami Beach. At 73 exhibitors, including galleries and book dealers, participation was considerably less than the 128 galleries and 23 book...

Linda Lindroth

Linda Lindroth has been confounding expectations for three decades, refusing to keep within the confines of what people perceive to be her medium, photography. Primarily hung in one large space, with smaller clusters of images in two adjoining...

Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art

Welcoming visitors near the entryway to the University of Chicago's Smart Museum, Ana Prvacki's The Greeting Committee (2011-ongoing) consists of shelves of canning jars filled with slatko, a strawberry jam traditionally served in Serbian households...

It's the Political Economy, Stupid

This exhibition, curated by artists Oliver Ressler and Gregory Sholette, predomi- nantly comprises video-based political works from an international roster of artists. Taking its title from an essay by cultural theorist Slavoj Z╠?iz╠?ek, who adapted...

Roving Eye: Go Big or Go Home

Last July, I moved to Houston from Brooklyn to take a position as curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), joining an inspiring team that includes director Bill Arning and senior curator Valerie Cassel Oliver. I'm fortunate to have...

Jeanette Ingberman, Exit Art Founder, Has Died

Jeanette Ingberman, cofounder and executive director of the nonprofit Exit Art, died yesterday, Aug. 24, of complications from leukemia. She was 59. She and her husband, Papo Colo, founded Exit Art in 1982 in New York's SoHo as an alternative space...

In the Studio: James Welling

A career-spanning discussion throws light on the quasi-abstract photographs that Welling has produced since the early 1980s.

Reconfiguring Pop

The long overlooked role of women in Pop art is explored in "Seductive Subversion," a traveling show that encompasses the work of 65 international artists. 

Lawrence Fodor

Santa Fe-based abstract painter Lawrence Fodor has shown his process-oriented work extensively on the West Coast for nearly three decades. His most recent output was the subject of two shows in Santa Fe, one last winter at the Lannan Foundation and...

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