Art In America

Beautiful, Dangerous People

Known for his on-the-fringe lifestyle as well as his candid, diaristic photographs, Mark Morrisroe died in 1989 at age 30. Selections from his massive, formally diverse trove of work are now being presented at New York's Artists Space.

Chaos Close Up

For the past 20 years, Kevin Landers has photographed a New York that is falling apart, half-rotten, hobbling along, gouged, frayed, screwed together, broken, and faded. In a book of Landers' photos covering a period from the early 1990s to the...

Photo Play: The Story of the Pictures Generation

Arriving in New York from Los Angeles, Buffalo and beyond, several loosely affiliated cohorts met and mingled with artists native to the city, traded ideas, shared allegiances and became a "generation."

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