Art In America

In the Studio: Joan Jonas and Jason Moran

Video and performance pioneer Joan Jonas, this year's U.S. representative at the Venice Biennale, is joined by her four-time collaborator, jazz phenom Jason Moran, to discuss the growth of their free-associative, call-and-respons process.

Skowhegan School Unveils Permanent Manhattan Outpost

Almost 70 years after its foundation, the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture has secured a permanent home in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. The new 5,000-square-foot space provides the school with programming and event space, storage space...

Inside the Art Bars

Bars have been as essential to the New York art world as its galleries and museums. Eleven artists reflect on the downtown institutions where creative inspiration could flow as freely as the drinks.  

Uncanny Valleys

A screening of new videos by nine artists and artist groups explores the possibilities of "unfaithful simulations, imperfect replication, and the slightly wrong."

In the Studio: Stephen Prina

Stephen Prina is an art polymath whose mediums include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video and film. He is also a composer and musician who has interpreted works by Beethoven, Schoenberg, Sonic Youth, Steely Dan and many...

The Nothing Act

Alix Pearlstein thwarts her actors' standard techniques in order to heighten a viewer's awareness of video-mediated perception.

Sensibility of the Times Revisited

In these pages 45 years ago, Irving Sandler and Barbara Rose polled artists on the temperament of the 1960s. A duplicate questionnaire today elicits very different responses.

Liz Magic Laser Focus-Groups Armory Show Contribution

In a windowless room, under fluorescent lights around a conference table laden with Chex Mix and peanut M&Ms, art-world professionals talked, while the artist and Armory Show reps watched from behind a two-way mirror.

A Chastened Armory Hits New York This Week

What started out as an alternative event located in a shabby chic hotel had become a grueling super-sized trade fair. This week, the Armory Show will demonstrate whether it can reinvent itself yet again. Broadly thought to be on the decline before...

Muse: The Interview

Today, the interview positions the artist— who experienced similar transformations in the 20th century—as the reality behind the work.

Performa Playbill: The Final Run

But first: where else could you see not one, but two shows that imaginatively incorporated voguing into traditional theater? iona rozeal brown's exuberant, smoothly executed, Kabuki-inspired extravaganza battle of yestermore, at Skylight West,...

Performa Playbill: Liz Magic Laser

Borrowing her techniques from 20th-century radical theater and her dialogue from the news, Liz Magic Laser mounted the excellent production "I Feel Your Pain," a Performa 11 commission, on Nov. 13 and 14. A faculty member at the School of Visual...

Performa Playbill: Gerard Byrne

On Saturday Gerard Byrne staged his one-night Performa 11 work "In Repertory" under the stage of the Abrons Arts Center, in a dank, low-ceilinged rehearsal studio. Without any introduction, a variety of young actors (white, black, foreign-accented,...

Sweating Chakras

For Performa 11, Mika Rottenberg and Jon Kessler teamed up to create a piece that puts the global economy on a human scale.

Body Conscious: Soft Machines at the Pace Gallery

Five women dressed in pastel spring dresses and slingbacks trudge through mounting piles of slippery material as they dig their hands, elbows and feet into a 7,500-pound clay cube, carve out a piece and hurl it at a wall. As a crowd smiles on, the...

Art for Troubleshooters: 7 on 7 at the New Museum

How long does it take to come up with a new idea? The New Museum thinks 24 hours should just about do it. Rhizome, the New Museum's online affiliate for technology-based artistic practices, launched Seven on Seven in 2009. This past weekend saw the...

In-Flight Movie: Liz Magic Laser in Times Square

In a week that started with the discovery of a certain fugitive in Pakistan, artist Liz Magic Laser's performance, Flight, which engages pursuit and violence, seemed timely. Staged twice in Times Square on Tuesday (when A.i.A. saw it), it will be...

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