Art In America

Inside the Art Bars

Bars have been as essential to the New York art world as its galleries and museums. Eleven artists reflect on the downtown institutions where creative inspiration could flow as freely as the drinks.  

Party Time for Peter Doig

Spencer Sweeny's newest party incarnation at Santos Party House, "Somebody Arted In Here," brings together artists Peter Doig, Rita Ackermann and Lizzi Bougatos (also the lead singer of Gang Gang Dance). Their in-situ renderings took 96 Lafayette...

Lizzi Bougatsos, Good Hair, 2010

Mixed Media. Courtesy (recently on view at) James Fuentes LLC, New York.For her most recent show, artist and Gang Gang Dance singer Lizzi Bougatsos pulled posters from wheatpasted advertisements for contemporary films, and re-installed them in...

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