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Issues & Commentary: The Artist Formerly Known as Cherokee

Just as Rachel Dolezal's position at the NAACP did not give her a pass to misidentify herself as African American, neither should Jimmie Durham's work on behalf of Native people be confused with confirmation of his tribal affiliation.

Mary Beth Edelson

Patriarchal Piss (1973), on view as part of Mary Beth Edelson’s solo show “The Devil Giving Birth to the Patriarchy,” is a hand-painted photograph of the artist standing nude on a sand dune in North Carolina. Severed (male) heads hang from her biceps,...

Books: All About Eva

Robert J. Seidman on Eva Hesse’s Diaries, edited by Barry Rosen with Tamara Bloomberg; plus related titles in brief.

Labor Relations

For some forty years, Mierle Laderman Ukeles has striven—through artworks, performances, and manifestos—to bring greater recognition to women's domestic labor and the underappreciated services of New York City's Sanitation workers. Yet even she, the...

LIFE: ★★★½

Following a 1963 debut in New York, pioneer text painter Gene Beery took up a semi-reclusive life in central California. Idiosyncratic and ever productive, he has become a seminal figure for many young artists.

Anna Sew Hoy

Denim is everywhere in Anna Sew Hoy’s “Invisible Tattoo,” serving as a stand-in for the human body and a protective casing for vulnerable insides. Piled on the floor are various “Denim Worms” (2016), long tubular soft sculptures made of jeans in a...

Ambient Aesthetics

Monitoring commodity prices, asset values, and the digital measurement of collective happiness, 
Mika Tajima creates artworks and installations—sometimes diffuse and cloudy, sometimes violent—that reflect current socioeconomic...

Jürgen Klauke

In “The Pains and Pleasures of Rebirth,” a 1976 article about women’s body art published in this magazine, Lucy Lippard criticized various body-art tropes by men. The offending practices consisted not only of men instrumentalizing women’s bodies in...

On Kawara

From 1966 until shortly before his death in 2014, On Kawara’s artistic life was anchored by the simple labor of painting the dates of the days he lived through. A selection of roughly 150 of these paintings forms the backbone of “On Kawara—Silence,”...

Blackness in Abstraction

Adam Pendleton's paintings and videos reflect his nuanced engagement with African-American history and the legacy of avant-garde art.

Jerry Kearns

It's hard to say what struck one most forcefully about this show of five wall paintings and eight new canvases. Was it Jerry Kearns's over-the-top verbal humor, infusing the exhibition title "RRRGGHH!," the "KNOCK, KNOCK" repeatedly inscribed in...

Charles Esche Wins Bard Curatorial Award

The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., has named Charles Esche as the recipient of the 2014 Audrey Irmas Award for Curatorial Excellence and a $25,000 prize.

James Jenkin from Printed Matter to Clinton Foundation

James Jenkin, the director of New York nonprofit Printed Matter, will leave the organization in February 2014. He has been in the job since summer 2011, and will now take up a post as director of enterprise management with the Clinton Giustra...

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