Art In America

55th Venice Biennale

Twenty years ago, "Cardinal Points of Art" was the theme of the 45th Venice Biennale, and the compass was its symbol.

Timeline: 100 Years of Art in America

Over the past century, Art in America has developed from a small specialized journal to a major voice in the rapidly changing contemporary art world. To celebrate the magazine's 100-year anniversary, we look back at the milestones that helped define...

Homepage New Orleans Prospects

I’d like to believe that New Orleans stands a chance of escaping the fate of Venice. In that spirit, I wish Prospect.2 every success. But I really can’t wait to see Prospect.2.5.

Homepage: Michelangelo and Ugo Eye to Eye

"Michelangelo Eye to Eye" is the English title given to the final work of Michelangelo Antonioni, a brief documentary of 2004 in which the frail, 92-year-old director communes with his namesake's great carved figure of Moses

Sculpture Under The Influence

Not that Calder ever sank into obscurity. Pace Gallery has shown his work faithfully since the mid-1980s; his Circus was on seemingly eternal view in the Whitney Museum lobby.

Home Page: Memory Aids

Prompted by the June opening of the sixth Berlin Biennale, I traveled to the city for the first time-unfashionably late, I know. Opening the catalogue at the preview, I found a schematic street map indicating the Biennale's six far-flung venues, from...

Your Own Personal Jesus

The New York art community has been gathering for a spate of panels and programs on museum practices, all prompted by two concurrent exhibitions that could not be more dissimilar. At the Museum of Modern Art is “Marina Abramovi´c: The Artist is...

Livin' Le Vide Loco

The museum’s ground floor presented only an entwining couple moving slowly through a sequence of upright and recumbent poses. You might have recognized a brief tableau vivant of Klimt’s mosaic kiss or Brancusi’s stone kiss, or detected in the...

Shape Shifter: Lynda Benglis

A traveling survey now in Dublin reveals Lynda Benglis to have remained as bracingly irreverent in her use of materials as she was 40 years ago. 

Action Painting/Motion Pictures

Commercial movies have long been the foil and fodder for artists working with video and film. By comparison, few have found anything of interest in the history of painting.

Worlds Enough, and Time: Daniel Birnbaum's Biennale

When the second Triennale di Torino, organized by Daniel Birnbaum and called “50 Moons of Saturn,” opened last November, it triggered intense speculation that the Stockholm-born, Frankfurt-based curator would be offering a sneak preview of his...

The Venice Biennale Preview

On June 7 the Venice Biennale, mother of all recurring international exhibitions, will enjoy its traditional public opening, a festive Sunday ceremony aimed at welcoming the local community. Even in the face of severe economic contraction and biennial...

Carla Accardi: A Desire for Contradiction

Three imposing diptychs completed in 2004 presided over Sperone Westwater's selective five-decade survey of paintings by Carla Accardi. Each measures 86 1⁄2 by 126 inches, a scale used only rarely by the octogenarian artist and achieved by abutting...

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