Art In America


Louise Lawler's current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York focuses on her long-standing practice of photographically re-presenting the work of other artists, often in domestic settings or unexpected combinations––an approach many...

Carnegie Museum of Art Focuses on Photography

Inspired by the widespread proliferation of images on social media platforms like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, the new project aims to address contemporary issues in photography, particularly the intersection of artistic practice and technology.

Paul Outerbridge

Moving freely between commercial photography and fine art, Paul Outerbridge pushed the limits of both, as two recent Los Angeles shows demonstrated. 

Laurie Simmons and Marvin Heiferman

An artist and a writer/curator who have known each other since the 1970s share retropective thoughts on the radical changes in art-making, and viewing, with which they were both crucially involved. 

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