Art In America

Leon Berkowitz

Although Leon Berkowitz (1911-1987) is associated with the Washington Color School, he had been traveling abroad for about a decade when a 1965 show gave a name to the D.C. school. He rejected any connection to the group's concerns, claiming that...

Leonardo Drew

Number 161, a floor-to-ceiling installation winding through the gallery, was the dynamic centerpiece of this exhibition, which also included a dozen elegant wall sculptures (all works 2012). Made primarily of wood, some of it burned and much...

Terry Winters

Among the many rewards of Terry Winters's recent double show-small collages in one gallery, large abstract paintings in another-were the views it afforded into his thought process.

Jess and Elizabeth Bishop

The idiosyncratic, Beat-associated San Francisco artist Jess (born Burgess Collins, 1923-2004) and the masterful poet and sometime visual artist Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) were featured in adjoining shows illuminating their highly personal visions.

Graham Nickson

As a 26-year-old Rome Prize recipient in 1972, Graham Nickson was already so convinced of painting’s transcendent power that he began testing his own painterly mettle with a hazardous subject: sunsets. If to the art world painting itself was...

Stephen Westfall

In Stephen Westfall’s recent show, a dozen geometric abstractions revealed an artist who finds limitless possibilities in an evolving repertoire of constraints. Concentric diamond structures predominate in the nine canvases (all oil and alkyd), two...

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