Art In America

Michael Robinson

In her essay “The Spam of the Earth,” Hito Steyerl describes the sheer bewilderment that alien intelligences will face when they attempt to parse our interstellar transmissions. Michael Robinson’s mesmeric exhibition “Mad Ladders” appeared to enact...

Off the Page: Staging Poetic Language at IN>TIME

  A constellation of works included amid the expansive programming of the IN>TIME festival propose politically and affectively charged translations of literary texts into live performance.

Kathryn Andrews

What are the classificatory criteria we use to distinguish celebrities from politicos, the orbit of Hollywood's heavenly bodies from the operations of elected officials on the ground? Or Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger from Angelyne the L.A....

Society of the Semiospectacle

My editor said that I only have 600 words here. I'll be brief. How to limit discussion of Semiospectacle, a "literary review" premised on verbal embellishment? Footnotes aside, this amply titled variety show performed Monday night at P.S.122 was the...

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