Art In America

Guy C. Corriero

In its traditional form, gesso consists of ground chalk suspended in a binding medium of rabbit-skin glue.

Roni Horn

A thoughtful symmetry governed Roni Horn's recent show at Hauser & Wirth in Chelsea, where she presented six new drawings in a central room of the gallery, creating both a spatial buffer and a conceptual bridge between two multipart sculptures that...

Claudia Wieser

For her second solo show in New York, Claudia Wieser papered some of the gallery's walls and a portion of the floor with collages of digital prints.

Beyond the Rose

A current retrospective shifts focus to the work— in a surprising range of mediums—that Jay DeFeo created before and after her best-known painting.

Paula Hayes

New York-based artist Paula Hayes is sometimes credited with stimulating the recent revival of terrariums. She has arranged living plants in handblown glass vessels since 2003, long before terrariums gained favor among DIY types or were...

Tonico Lemos Auad

Every October the Brazilian port city of Belém is transformed by the Cirio de Nazaré, a Catholic religious festival that honors a centuries-old icon of the Virgin Mary.

Arch Connelly

Soon after moving to New York in 1980, Arch Connelly became a fixture of the East Village art scene. A series of early solo shows at the influential FUN Gallery led to numerous other exhibitions and critical acclaim. But Connelly's star has dimmed...

Mary Corse

Not unlike her scintillating paintings, Mary Corse has flickered in and out of visibility during the past five decades. While her early association with the California Light and Space movement brought her significant acclaim, many younger viewers...

Mary Corse Is More Than a California Artist

Mary Corse has returned to the spotlight over the past few months, thanks in part to several exhibitions about the creative hotbed that was Los Angeles in the 1960s. In 2011 her pearlescent paintings were featured in "Venice in Venice," a satellite...

Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges has long created art that is visibly handmade. Often employing craft-based processes, he can tease visual poetry from rather ordinary materials.

Meredyth Sparks

There were various allusions to the domestic environment in Meredyth Sparks's 2010 solo show at Elizabeth Dee, including stuffed fabric door snakes, a decorated folding screen and abstract collages made with scraps of printed textiles. This theme...

Nancy Grossman

The Tang Museum at Skidmore College will mount a retrospective of Nancy Grossman’s work in early 2012. In the meantime, two recent shows in New York whetted the appetite for that survey, offering select works from different stages of her career.

Danny Jauregui

Amid growing fears about AIDS in the early 1980s, public health officials shut down gay bathhouses in several American cities. Though such orders were never issued in Los Angeles, many of the city’s bathhouses closed in the face of diminished...

Carol Bove

A precise and judicious curator of her own exhibitions, Carol Bove is known for spare arrangements of mostly found objects that conjure the recent past. Books first published circa 1970 have appeared in many of her installations and tend to...

Matthew Day Jackson is Missing

"In Search Of," Matthew Day Jackson's recently opened exhibition at Peter Blum's galleries in Chelsea and Soho, centers around a 30-minute video based on the late 1970s television series of the same name, hosted by Leonard Nimoy and exploring...

Thomas Houseago

Thomas Houseago's first New York solo show evoked halls of plaster casts, those once-prevalent galleries that housed copies of architectural fragments and sculptural masterpieces in many American museums in the early 20th century. Not only does...

Fiona Tan

Drawing on her own complex heritage, Tan creates videos that probe shifting notions of selfhood through a mix of historical footage and new portraiture. 

Jedediah Caesar

Developed over the past seven years, Jedediah Caesar’s signature sculptures are made from scraps of wood, cloth, cardboard and plastic that he mixes with liquid resins in buckets, boxes and other containers. When the debris-laden concoctions...

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