Art In America

Untitled (Soccer): The 12th Istanbul Biennial

The large contingent of heavily armed police guarding the hotel where members of the press were staying while visiting Istanbul for the 12th Istanbul Biennial, and the crowd of locals screaming "Allahu akbar"across the street late on Wednesday...

David Thorpe

Defying categorization, the large-scale objects in "Peace Not Pacifism," an exhibition by British-born, Berlin- based artist David Thorpe, embrace the antithetical esthetics of Minimalism and the Arts and Crafts movement (all works 2010).

Dave Cole

Dave Cole’s “Unreal City,” at the newly opened Dodge Gallery, featured meticulously crafted, frequently beautiful sculptures that grapple with big themes: patriotism, masculinity and American poetry, specifically works by Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot and...

Finding Thek's Tomb

The author recounts the discovery of a trove of slides, shot by Peter Hujar, showing Paul Thek working on an iconic installation-now lost- in the 1960s.  

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