Art In America

Susanna Bluhm

Seattle-based artist Susanna Bluhm’s new oil paintings portray abstracted landscapes based on photographs of Yosemite National Park.

Piper O’Neill

Piper O'Neill created a netherworld of carnival paraphernalia in her third solo show at Winston Wächter since 2011. 

Diem Chau

Born in Saigon in 1979, Diem Chau arrived in the U.S. at age seven and has lived in Seattle for the past 27 years.

Jeffry Mitchell

This recent midcareer survey of Seattle artist Jeffry Mitchell came after two decades in which he acquired a reputation for large-scale installations (at the Seattle Art Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, and the Missoula Art...

Nicholas Nyland

Nicholas Nyland's third solo show in Seattle, "Physical Speculations on a Future State," was his best yet. The 36-year-old artist, who has appeared in numerous regional exhibitions, previously worked with art historical sources that somewhat...

Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott's renderings of his downtown Seattle studio are remarkably varied despite a narrow range of subject matter, color and paint handling. Favoring gray tones built up of cadmium red, yellow and blue, Elliott creates interior views, still...

Mark Barnes

Continuing a photographic tradition of capturing the denizens of the back roads of the Pacific Northwest, Mark Barnes’s recent exhibition at Blue Sky included 43 black-and-white photos from 1992 to the present that document life along the lower...

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