Art In America

LACMA Garners $125M in City Money and $500M Art Gift

The L.A. County board of supervisors approved $125 million to begin work on a Peter Zumthor-designed consolidation of the east side of LACMA's campus, and reclusive media magnate A. Jerrold Perenchio is donating $500 million worth of Impressionist...

Catch ’Em All: Can A Pokémon Tournament Be An Artwork?

A Los Angeles artist named Johnnie JungleGuts lounged on a folding chair in the middle of a tent last Saturday at the tail end of the Great Summer Pokémon Festival. He had just stepped off stage after performing "This Charmander," a cover version of...

Mary Weatherford: L.A. Confidential

Mary Weatherford was sitting in the middle of Los Angeles's David Kordansky Gallery the day before the opening of her show "Los Angeles" (through May 31), her first with the gallery, inspecting her new paintings. Hanging on the walls were large...

Diet Coke: Matthew Brandt’s Subtly Dionysian L.A.

It's hard to miss the disclaimer at the bottom of the press release for Matthew Brandt's exhibition "Velvet and Bubble Wrap," at M+B Gallery in West Hollywood (through Jan. 18, 2014). "Some artworks in this exhibition contain trace amounts of...

Rogue Wave: Agnès Varda’s West Coast Years

Agnès Varda, a quintessential French New Wave film director, is the subject of an upcoming L.A. show that explores a few fruitful years the director spent in the Golden State.

John Divola’s SoCal Moment

A staffer at LACMA recently classified the frequent phenomenon of running into someone who has worked with the artist or been taught by him as "six degrees of John Divola." 

Joe Sola Shows Microscopic Paintings In Dealer’s Ear

When visitors enter the inaugural show at Tif Sigfrids's new Hollywood gallery, they might wonder where the art is. The independent-curator-turned-dealer will be seated at a desk in the middle of the empty space for "Portraits: An Exhibition Inside...

The Glory of Decay: Cyprien Gaillard at the Hammer

Gaillard, 32, began showing only in 2004, when he started setting off fire extinguishers in parks as a way to temporarily "graffiti" the land, in a commentary on the erosion and destruction of the urban landscape.

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