Art In America

In the Studio: Meredith Monk

Vocalist and performance artist Meredith Monk, an icon of New York's experimental downtown scene, discusses the beliefs and techniques that have kept her a galvanizing figure for five decades.

Roos Theuws

Although we know full well that video takes place on a stationary two-dimensional plane, moving images endeavor to solicit the willing suspension of disbelief.

Chang Chao-Tang

"Time: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013" celebrated the Taiwanese photographer's 70th birthday and the museum's 30th. Chang began to take pictures in 1959, while still in high school.

“My Joburg”

Since opening in 2004, the Maison Rouge, near the Bastille, has become a brilliant addition to the contemporary art scene in Paris.

Aernout Mik

Moving images of collapse, of people laughing and crying, of bored and seemingly dead teenagers. In the video installations of Aernout Mik, things happen, but there is no outcome. There is motion, commotion and emotion; hence, narrative, but without...

Food for Thought: Feast of Burden on MOCAtv

Featuring a dinner party where the characters become trapped by a supernatural force-a conceit that recalls both the surreal environment in Luis Buñuel's The Exterminating Angel (1962) and the campy claustrophobia of the gymnasium scene in Brian De...

With Larger Gallery and Daytime Hours, Night Gallery Grows Up

Los Angeles's Night Gallery, known for its unorthodox late-night hours, will move to a new downtown location come January 2013. Run by artist Davida Nemeroff and dealer Mieke Marple, Night Gallery has offered a blend of artistry and nightlife to...

Samara Golden and Davida Nemeroff Face the Press

With a trenchant sense of hyperbole, the exhibition emulates a press conference, complete with a complimentary meal (boiled eggs with skulls painted on the shells for visitors to eat, coffee and rosé to drink) and brown metal folding chairs. Navy...

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