Art In America

Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea has ranged widely among photography, painting, installation and video in the 10 years he has been exhibiting, but one connecting thread has been his inclination to fantasy. So it was perhaps inevitable that the work generated by his...

Zoe Beloff

This year is the centenary of Freud’s single, brief visit to the United States in 1909. During his stay Freud made a stop at Coney Island, which was then in its heyday. His notes suggest he found it disappointing and coarse, but the anniversary...

Hernan Bas

The Miami-based Rubell family gave a great boost to their local favorite, Hernan Bas, when they sent an exhibition of his works, all from their collection, to the Brooklyn Museum. It made for the artist’s most significant show to date.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham’s career has seen dramatic transformations, a trajectory that was difficult to trace in these recent, too-slim shows. “Paul Graham: Photographs, 1981-2006” was split between Greenberg Van Doren and Salon 94. At the latter, the exhibition...

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