Art In America

Labor Relations

For some forty years, Mierle Laderman Ukeles has striven—through artworks, performances, and manifestos—to bring greater recognition to women's domestic labor and the underappreciated services of New York City's Sanitation workers. Yet even she, the...

Renée Green

In Renée Green’s recent exhibition at Nagel Draxler, a row of twenty-eight small fabric banners hung across two walls facing the gallery’s storefront windows, displaying a mix of bold and dissonant colors—hot reds and yellows broken up by cooler...

Gwangju Biennale

“A tool, not a monument”: this is how the artist Dora García describes what she sought to create with the bookstore installation that is her commissioned contribution to the latest Gwangju Biennale, directed by the Swedish curator and critic Maria...

Biennials: Mixed Messages

Incorporating works from many participants in their own online community, the New York–based collective DIS has mounted a Berlin Biennale that simultaneously exploits and critiques trendy digital strategies for marketing culture.

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