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Not With A Bang But With A “Pleh”: Gobby at Shoot the Lobster

Although Shoot the Lobster, Martos Gallery's nimbler "project space," just tunneled into its new half-basement Lower East Side location this March, its monthlyish shows seem well adapted to the seemingly unrefurbished, tin-ceilinged room that used to...

Preprofessional Development: Rhizome’s Seven on Seven

Rhizome's annual Seven on Seven conference is ostensibly centered on a hectic, see-if-it-sticks experimentalism. But its 5th anniversary edition, which took place last weekend at New York's New Museum, proved more interesting as a rehearsal for its...

“Everything Must Go”: Martin Wong on His Turf

On a mercifully warm March morning, around 20 Martin Wong enthusiasts gathered outside the Lower East Side apartment building the Chinese-American artist and collector occupied for most of the 1980s and early '90s.

Machining Vision: Lucy Raven at The Kitchen

Lucy Raven's lecture on the conversion of 2D cinematic images to 3D, presented February 19th at the Kitchen, took a long view on the film industry's integration of live-action footage and animation techniques. 

River of Fundament: Matthew Barney’s Telluric Epic

"I won't tell you to enjoy it—it's not about that," said Matthew Barney by way of introduction to his mammoth new film River of Fundament (through Feb. 16 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater). 

Reframing the Debt Debate with BFAMFAPhD

A public reappraisal of the Masters of Fine Arts degree--its affordability, its promises and its alternatives--has picked up momentum over the past few months. While MFAs are increasingly viewed as the ticket to showing at galleries and obtaining...

DJing the Future: Mårten Spångberg at the VW Dome

The dystopian commune that set the stage for each of Danish choreographer Mårten Spångberg's recent large-scale performances took over the interior of MoMA PS1's VW Dome last weekend for the La Substance, but in English. The newly commissioned work...

Kairos in the Square: Raqs Media Collective

After one gingerly made one's way through a stand of potted lemon trees and entered into the belly of a transformed Connelly Theater, in New York's East Village, it became clear that the "celebratory performance" staged by Raqs Media Collective...

The Everyone Artwork

A host of new online businesses offer art buyers, many of them neophytes, the chance to obtain good quality contemporary prints at reasonable prices. What teh advantages, and pitfalls, of this digital democratization?

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