Art In America

Cruising and Beyond

One of the features spotlighting the Whitney Museum's new site in A.i.A.'s May issue is "Cruising the Waterfront," in which artist and writer Jonathan Weinberg considers the history of art and activism in the Meatpacking District in the 1970s and...

Serena Bocchino

Marking her 30th year of exhibiting in New York, Serena Bocchino brings an ever-accelerating energy to this selection of abstract paintings and monotypes. The artist's affinity with jazz is immediately evident in the bright, freehand swirls and drips...

Julia Wachtel

Painting and appropriation art had an uneasy relationship in the 1980s; Picture Generation artists, from David Salle to Sherrie Levine, faced critical detractors when they picked up the brush. Julia Wachtel, a New York painter born in 1956, came of...

The Agenda: This Week in New York

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place in New York this week: a conversation with three video artists led by curator Barbara London; a talk about experimental exhibition spaces with artists Marie Karlberg and Lena Henke; a...

Harm van den Dorpel

With “Just-in-Time,” Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel produced a thematically cohesive show, focusing on the digital world’s visual vocabulary and how the space between the images it produces can be warped.

Laurie Simmons

The six oversize color photographs (all 2015) encircling the viewer in "Laurie Simmons: How We See" present beautiful, disconcertingly dazzling young women. Their heads cocked at slightly askew angles and bathed in radiant light that appears to...

Emily Roysdon

Dozens of handmade clocks ticked away in Emily Roysdon’s exhibition at Participant Inc., the latest in a series of projects for which the artist tangled with notions of temporality. 

Your Art Fair Antidote: The Guerrilla Girls Turn 30

This month, the Guerrilla Girls turn 30. The masked feminist avengers celebrate their birthday with new campaigns, street actions and an exhibition through May 17 at Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side, where they will host a party tonight.

Keith Edmier

Keith Edmier's Penn Station Ciborium (2012-13), the centerpiece of his first solo in New York in five years, is a monumental work that infuses public architectural forms with personal meanings. The domed steel structure studded with cast oyster shells...

Taylor Mac

Here is an endurance-art accomplishment for you: wearing falsies for 24 hours straight. We’re not talking boobs—so 20th-century drag—but eyelashes.     

Framing Frieze New York with Gary Carrion-Murayari

Just a few days after returning from the Venice Biennale, New Museum curator Gary Carrion-Murayari was back on a boat. We met at the 35th Street ferry dock in Manhattan on a sunny afternoon to travel to the VIP preview of Frieze New York (through...

Erik van Lieshout

Erik van Lieshout, as the central protagonist in his films, is brash and irreverent, offensive and silly, crude and reckless, yet retains a playful innocence that disarms both his viewers and the people who appear on-screen. 

John Zurier

For this engaging show, “West of the Future,” Zurier presented 14 works on linen, created with oil, distemper or both over the past two years.

The Agenda: This Week in New York

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place in New York this week: an experimental work by composer MV Carbon; a talk about art collectives at Frieze New York; an event exploring intersections of art, commerce and hip-hop; a book...

Jim Lee

"Jim Lee and the Cream Tones," the artist's third solo show of abstract paintings at Nicelle Beauchene, demonstrated the almost musical way in which Lee riffs on colors, forms and materials from one work to the next.

Claudia Comte

For her first New York exhibition, Swiss artist Claudia Comte transformed Gladstone Gallery into a small museum of her own.

Speaking of People: Ebony, Jet and Contemporary Art

“Speaking of People: EbonyJet and Contemporary Art,” at the Studio Museum in Harlem, registered the importance of these magazines not simply as archives of representations of race, but as materials with which so many African-Americans worked to make...

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