Art In America

Drastic Times

Based on seven years of research, the Pacific Standard Time exhibition "Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985" forges a new significance for previously excluded artists.

MFA Quality

Bruce High Quality Foundation University brought a DIY, group-talk approach to technical training and critical judgment. 

Molecular Sculpture

Following a path blazed by Duchamp, a host of current artists are using scents, atmospheric conditions, and microorganisms to create a new, multisensory rapport between viewers and artworks.

Pooh Kaye

Pooh Kaye's corporeal-cinematic experiments defamiliarize her usual surroundings.

Laura Cottingham

Laura Cottingham's film serves to document a social scene as much as to tell a cinematic story.

Juliana Huxtable

Juliana Huxtable’s work often feels like she’s taking her audience along as she retraces the steps of her own intellectual wanderings.

Brian Belott

Brian Belott created a secular church to children’s art for his show at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in Harlem.

Candy Jernigan

Candy Jernigan transformed ordinarily unlovely objects into images and sculptural works of great wonder and wit.

Critical Eye: Kassel: Dislocated Loot

Looted art is everywhere in the Kassel portion of Documenta 14, posited as something like the uncanny double of today’s globe-trotting artworks.

Becky Suss

Becky Suss convincingly articulates intimate details of clothing and decor, yet a sense of artifice prevails in the works.

Mira Dancy

Mira Dancy offered images of female empowerment alongside text components that highlight echoes between advertising and protest language.

Robert Longo

In this arresting and contemplative show, Robert Longo highlighted the epic quality of contemporary events.

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