Art In America

Bella Foster

Los Angeles-based artist Bella Foster creates dreamy, alluring paintings of real and imagined domestic interiors and still life arrangements. 

Wolf Vostell

To understand the accomplishments of Fluxus and video art pioneer Wolf Vostell (1932-1998), a good place to start is with Concrete Traffic, a 1970 piece in which a 1957 Cadillac is encased in concrete. 

Choose Your China: Three Pavilions in Venice

Since 1972, the United States has maintained the “One China” pretense that Taiwan and Hong Kong are not culturally or politically distinct from Mainland China. But no such fiction prevails at the Venice Biennale.

David Diao

In his recent exhibition at Postmasters, David Diao utilized his usual vocabulary of modernist tropes and infographics to revisit his own childhood.  

Cindy Ji Hye Kim

The seven large black-and-white paintings and two small color works (all 2017) in “Tick,” Korean-born artist Cindy Ji Hye Kim’s first solo exhibition in New York, present twisted, claustrophobic scenes inspired by comics and noir film. Kim, who...

Mariah Robertson

In Mariah Robertson’s exhibition, tintypes depicting male nudes, powerful in their understated rawness, accompany vibrantly colored, abstract photograms in precisely shaded white frames. Initially, there seems to be little relation between these two...

“A Surrealist Banquet”

The table is set with silverware compressed into blocks by César. The décor includes a still life of a bouquet by Balthus and a towering centerpiece of painted bronze breasts by Hans Bellmer. The main courses include a meatball speared on a fork by...

Elias Sime

Ethiopian artist Elias Sime has long use reclaimed materials—yarn, buttons, building supplies, bottle caps, electronic waste—in his large-scale collages and mixed-medium sculptures. He sources the e-waste from recycling markets in his hometown of...

Sandro Chia

For his first exhibition of paintings in New York in nearly a decade, Italian artist Sandro Chia offered a rather overt reflection on his life, albeit one delivered in the painterly and metaphorical terms for which he is known. 

Monica Bonvicini

For this exhibition, the Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Monica Bonvicini bisected Mitchell Innes & Nash's main space with a temporary wall supported by two small, dildolike "sculptures" in Murano glass resting on the floor.  

Theater of Cruelty: 3-Legged Dog’s Racial Spectacle

To say that racism in this country already has a national stage would be an understatement. The New York–based production company 3-Legged Dog has decided to dramatize such intolerance with 3/Fifths, a three-hour participatory play.

Naoki Sutter-Shudo

Childlike delights clash with grown-up forms in “Parade,” Naoki Sutter-Shudo’s first solo show at Bodega. A squat square plinth in the center of the gallery supports a handful of toylike sculptures (all works 2017). Theorie, Truth Trolley, and Theft...

Roni Horn

Roni Horn presents four new bodies of work: two series of works on paper, photographs of gifts that she has received since 1974, and an arrangement of her glass sculptures. In each grouping, slivers of information come together in larger narratives,...

Jordan Kasey

In the fraught present, the endurance and perceived stability of past traditions can hold a sirenlike allure.

Exchange Program: The New Institute of Arab and Islamic Art

The works in the opening show at the new Institute of Arab and Islamic Art (IAIA), generically titled "Exhibition 1," and in most cases borrowed from the artists or their galleries, owe a debt to the very different approach to geometry in the Islamic...

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