Art In America

Pussy Riot Realness

The Russian guerrilla performance group brings its message of radical feminism to U.S. television.    

Lynn Hershman Leeson

When a young dealer opens a gallery downtown you'd expect her to show artists from among her peers, but Bridget Donahue makes a big statement with her first show-a mini-retrospective of Lynn Hershman Leeson. In recent years, the New York and San...

Five Points With Boris Groys

The exhibition title “Specters of Communism: Contemporary Russian Art” suggests an angst-ridden premise. But in the hands of curator Boris Groys the proposition turns ambiguous. 

Richard Tuttle

An accounting of the visible world and the invisible world: this is one definition of art offered by Richard Tuttle. 

From the Archives: Helms, Censorship, and the Serpent

In light of January’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, freedom of speech has become a front-of-mind issue once more. Yet, for all the grimness of ongoing external threats, artists in the land of the Patriot Act and National Security Agency phone...

Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam examines the social and aesthetic dimensions of human bodies, often by pushing the physical limits of his own. 

Stanley Lewis

Clotted with paint, stapled or glued together in sections so that they are as patched and dog-eared as an old map, Stanley Lewis’s observational paintings and drawings depict the small-town middle-class world familiar to readers of John Updike’s...

From the A.i.A. Archives: Japan’s Gutai Group

Where does play end and art begin? The interest in such questions, largely fostered by the 2013 exhibition “Gutai: Splendid Playground” at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, has now prompted a resurgent fascination with the work of this high-energy...

Sam Samore

Sam Samore’s new show, “Accumulation of Shapes (Part One),” appealed to a certain kind of spectator—clingy and obsessive in relationships. 

Gedi Sibony

Gedi Sibony pursued a disarming new direction in his fourth show at Greene Naftali.

Vivian Maier

It can be difficult to disentangle Vivian Maier’s photographs from the Vivian Maier story.

John Walker

There aren’t many painters making abstractions as convincing as John Walker’s. 

Ursula Von Rydingsvard

Ursula von Rydingsvard has created sculptures out of cedarwood for the past 35 years. 

Sean Landers

A compelling struggle between uncomfortably revealing candor and bombastic narcissism once drove Sean Landers’s work. Although these qualities still resonate, the force behind the 23 recent paintings in his show “North American Mammals” is...

Greer Lankton

“Love Me,” the first New York survey of work by the late artist Greer Lankton, was a tour de force of resolve organized in collaboration with Lankton’s former husband, Paul Monroe. Two years in the making, it represented a vital contribution to the...

Takashi Murakami

I like to play a game before I see a new exhibition by a celebrated artist: on the train ride to the gallery, I make highly specific guesses about what the pieces on view might be.

Judith Scott

Judith Scott (1943-2005) did not begin making art until her mid 40s, but over an 18-year period, from 1987 until her death, she worked on that art tirelessly. 

Judith Bernstein

American artist Judith Bernstein (b. 1942) is now enjoying a much higher degree of visibility than she did during her early career. 

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