Art In America

Hammers and Crickets: A Little Night Music in Miami

On the evening prior to the opening of this year's Art Basel Miami Beach fair, New York's Public Art Fund premiered four commissioned works in Collins Park, located in front of the Bass Museum of Art.  Performances by David Colman, Mungo Thomson and...

Art Basel Miami Beach Announces Exhibitor List

Art Basel has announced the 258 galleries that will participate in the 12th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach (Dec. 5-Dec. 8), the glitzy art fair that draws celebrities, dealers, artists and collectors from around the globe to the Miami Beach...

Celebs and Crowds at Armory Week Art Fairs

On the Westside piers, 60,000 visitors streamed to the Armory Show at $30 a ticket, including some celebrities: "The cast of ‘Girls' is here," Armory press rep Allison Rodman told A.i.A. Saturday with a grin.

Ugo Rondinone Will Rock Rockefeller

Human Nature comprises nine 16- to 20-foot-tall anthropomorphic stone figures. Roughly hewn bluestone blocks are assembled into post-and-lintel structures that depict the most basic representations of the human form. Made possible by the Public Art...

Trailing Public Art Fund's Nicholas Baume Through Frieze

Yesterday was the preview of the inaugural Frieze New York, the first American iteration of a hip London fair that's been in place for a decade. Amid art stars from Chuck Close to Tracey Emin and Jayson Musson (aka Hennessy Youngman), waving to...

Sculpture in a Contracted Field

The "Statuesque" show currently on view in Manhattan's City Hall Park offers a controversial take on sculpture's figurative possibilities. 

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